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Jim Meredith for North Carolina
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About Jim Meredith

Jim lives near Liberty and has been a resident of Randolph County for most of his life. He grew up near his present home on the family dairy farm. After graduating from Grays Chapel High School, he attended NC State University, earning his degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he worked as a civilian contractor with the U.S. Navy and traveled extensively with them until his father died. At that time, he returned home to help his brother, David, on the farm. After several years working on the farm, he left to start a new career in Information Technology. In the early 1980’s, Jim earned his Master’s degree in Physics from UNCG, and since that time he has worked for several companies in Information Technology management. Jim is currently an I.T. Manager for Replacements, Ltd, in Greensboro where he has worked for the past 26 years.

Jim is happily married, and he and his wife, Beverly, have 3 children. Their son, Wilson graduated from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington in 2015 and their daughter, Suzanne graduated from University of North Carolina, Asheville, in 2018. Their younger daughter, Tia, is still in high school.


Defending Democracy

One of Jim’s greatest concerns is the long-term survival of Democracy in North Carolina and the United States. Gerrymandering and other voting restrictions have weakened our state, and gerrymandering, in particular, must be outlawed. If elected, Jim will vote for the creation of a non-partisan redistricting commission to ensure that district lines are drawn fairly and that everyone’s vote counts equally.

Economy and Jobs

Jim will work to support economic growth, especially the growth of small businesses, which provide the majority of Jobs in our state. We live in a time of rapid technological change, and the jobs of today may be gone tomorrow. Worker displacement is a growing fact of life, and to deal with it, Jim supports the creation of scholarships and extended unemployment benefits for displaced workers to be retrained in new fields or to learn entrepreneurship and how to start their own businesses.

Health Care

Many North Carolinians are just one major illness away from bankruptcy. Affordable health care is of growing importance. As a result of economic change, the employer-insurance model will not be adequate to provide coverage for most people in the United States. Jim supports the expansion of Medicaid to cover more North Carolinians and will advocate for state government to do more to find creative healthcare solutions ll North Carolinians.


It is a travesty that North Carolina public school expenditures per student is lower in 2018 than it was in 2008. It is wrong that North Carolina ranks 39th in the nation in funding per student and 37th in the nation for teacher pay. Jim supports increased state funding for public schools, and ending the practice of providing state funds for private school vouchers. Jim will advocate bringing teacher pay up to the national average within a reasonable period of time.

Gun Safety and the Second Amendment

Gun violence in schools is unacceptable. Reasonable solutions can be found that protect the individual’s right to own firearms for home defense, self-protection, sport-shooting or hunting. But at the same time these solutions should make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to obtain or keep firearms. Jim believes that common sense reforms can place reasonable restrictions on magazine size and rapid fire capability of civilian firearms without infringing Second Amendment rights, and he will keep an open mind while working with constituents and legislators to revise North Carolina gun laws. The status quo is not acceptable. We can and must strike the right balance to protect our rights while also making our schools and streets safer.